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Seven Top Soccer Betting Tips

Soccer Betting Tip 1: Don’t Overlook the Card Count When you are doing your soccer betting, it is important to consider your card count. In most cases, bettors overlook this very important factor. A higher number of cards in your hand can increase your winning chances. But a higher card count may also mean that you are open to receiving many ‘draws’, which lowers your profitability. Keep this in mind, and don’t ever bet with money you can’t afford to lose.

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Soccer Betting Tip 2: Use Your Head Not everyone can be a genius, and there is no “wins” or “losses” in soccer betting. For example, experts in the field always use their head, while bettors often rely on their instincts. If you have a tendency to get carried away with your excitement and emotions, then this may be a way for you to go. However, using your head to predict the results of a soccer game is a good way to keep yourself on track and prevent from getting carried away with your emotions.

Soccer Betting Tip 3: Compare Betting Odds There are many things to look at when comparing betting odds between different leagues and tournaments. First, consider how games are scheduled. Each league schedule is generally released several weeks before the start of the next season. This means you should check out the soccer betting tips of the upcoming tournaments, especially the ones that are scheduled during the months of May, June, and July.

Soccer Betting Tip 4: Avoid Newspapers Another factor to keep in mind when it comes to soccer betting tips is to avoid the national newspapers. In fact, virtually every country has its own national newspaper, which is often paid for by the country’s soccer association. While the newspaper may occasionally give inside information, most of the time they publish information that can help influence the results of games. Therefore, the information contained within the pages of the paper can be seriously underestimated.

Soccer Betting Tip 5: Use The Best Soccer Betting Provider You Can Afford Keep in mind that there are several different providers of soccer betting tips. Some of them may be a bit more credible than others. A good example of this is how the International Sportsbook, also knows as the Intertops, works. All of the information within the pages of the site are verified by an independent board of directors, who oversee the business. Therefore, if you want the best soccer betting tips available, then you may want to consider consulting with the Intertops.

Soccer Betting Tip 6: Use Popular Trends The larger number of professional bettors (in terms of the number of individuals who place bets for soccer) means that there is more likely to be a trend. This can greatly impact the way you view the game. For instance, if a bettor tends to place his or her bets when the team is favored to win, chances are that this person is also a conservative bettor. However, if the same person tends to place his or her bets when the team is relatively underdogs, chances are that this person is also a gambler. Therefore, knowing the trends of other bettors can help you choose whether to go with a favorite or a conservative bet.

Soccer Betting Tip 7: Use Randy’s Soccer Odds If you are new to soccer betting, then you have probably heard of Randy Marsh. Randy is considered the “father” of football betting and for good reason. His philosophy has guided millions of people for nearly 35 years. In fact, most soccer enthusiasts will tell you that they learned a lot of what they know about betting from Randy.

One thing that Randy has always emphasized is the need to be disciplined. In order to win your bets, it is important to have the right mindset. In addition, you need to make sure that you follow the rules and regulations of the sportsbook in which you are participating. Most importantly, it is important to have a clear overview of the odds of each game that you are betting on. With these tips, you will be well on your way to enjoying a successful betting experience.